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The 31 National Parks We’ve Seen

Hawaii was before kids, but all else were with at least two of the kids

National Parks Visited Thus Far as of 2021

We are also tracking our visits to all the National Park Sites in the U.S. park system here.

A good resource for outside hiking/exploring many of the national parks can be found here: (created by a former park ranger).

Download/Print detailed maps of any area:

Topographic maps for areas:

1 thought on “The 31 National Parks We’ve Seen”

  1. Wow! You and your family have really knocked out a lot of the parks!

    When folks from outside the US talk about what makes it special to visit, they often remark on our amazing NPS. It’s really a fantastic asset we have. And you all are making great use of it 🙂

    Jenni and I have been to parks scattered around the US, and recently I took a trip through some of the biggies in Utah with a buddy. Really loved it.

    One I might recommend that stands out is Acadia in Maine. Stunning park off the water and some really interesting terrain.

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